Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

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Jimmy Fallon invites Justin Bieber to an ice rink to get some hockey tips from the international pop star.
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Justin Bieber Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Play Hockey

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • yay


    Päivä sitten

    Does anyone else get the Alexander nordique thing

  • Steve Davis

    Steve Davis

    3 päivää sitten

    Just keep on playing stupid and fame will increase .

  • Jacob D Lawson

    Jacob D Lawson

    3 päivää sitten

    Shoulda gave him a jofa bucket eh



    7 päivää sitten

    Justin I’ve seen better mits on a snowman

  • Chamod Praveen

    Chamod Praveen

    8 päivää sitten

    is he justin bieber or just a belieber🥺

  • Gaming Celebrity

    Gaming Celebrity

    10 päivää sitten

    I would be just like Jimmy trying to learn how to play ice hockey. lol
    Go Blackhawks!

  • inga unaniani

    inga unaniani

    11 päivää sitten

    Im 12 years old i can beat justin

  • buttered croissant

    buttered croissant

    12 päivää sitten

    Oml justin is so dust

  • Logan Krumins

    Logan Krumins

    13 päivää sitten

    Bieber s helmet is way too big

  • Krumple Themal

    Krumple Themal

    14 päivää sitten

    Bieber looks creepy with the mustache... if he wasn't famous he would own a creepy van and drive by high schools to look for young girls and asking if they want a ride home.

  • Emily Campbell

    Emily Campbell

    17 päivää sitten

    It’s exactly like me and my twin sister; I am like Justin and she is like Jimmy!! 🤣😂

  • Fat Bitches

    Fat Bitches

    18 päivää sitten

    This goalie should go get Geico because he can least save something

  • The Peeping Man

    The Peeping Man

    19 päivää sitten

    He looks like quicksilver

  • Dee Gravelrama

    Dee Gravelrama

    20 päivää sitten

    It feels like he wants him to be funny like Timberlake but it just doesn't quite work.

  • Rohini John

    Rohini John

    22 päivää sitten

    Go canada! Go canada! Go canada!

  • Maiye G

    Maiye G

    22 päivää sitten

    Tampa bay lightning are the best

  • Ethan Da Panda

    Ethan Da Panda

    22 päivää sitten

    Chelsea Piers, I played there a couple times!

  • Maite Ibañez

    Maite Ibañez

    23 päivää sitten

    Patinas bien sobre hielo!! Tres bien!!🐯

  • Stevano Joseph

    Stevano Joseph

    23 päivää sitten

    0:04 Jimmy: Or as they call it in Canada 🇨🇦?
    Justin: Hockey.

  • Stevano Joseph

    Stevano Joseph

    23 päivää sitten

    0:04 Jimmy: Hey guys we’re here to play some hockey with Justin Bieber today. Or as they call it in Canada 🇨🇦?
    Justin: Hockey. 🤣

  • Marta Melendez

    Marta Melendez

    24 päivää sitten

    All these CANADIAN talking Bad about Canadians . I wonder if they live in the USA because their a SHAME TO THEIR COUNTRY . 🤮🤮🤮

  • Gustav Holton

    Gustav Holton

    24 päivää sitten


  • cd


    24 päivää sitten

    I've said my share of nasty stuff about Bieber but credit where it's due, he's a pretty decent skater. It's really not true that everybody in Canada can skate but I'd say he's a little above average skater for someone just doing it recreationally. Edit- I just caught the beginning where he says his fav player is Alexander Nordique. Sorry for the nasty shit Justin, you're ok in my books. I mean, your music still sucks but making fun of Americans never gets old.

  • Ruan Patrick Ferraz

    Ruan Patrick Ferraz

    24 päivää sitten

    Wow his hair changed a lot

  • Choctaw Warrior

    Choctaw Warrior

    25 päivää sitten

    Awesome and hilarious!!

  • clear skins

    clear skins

    25 päivää sitten

    He is still look hot . bye

  • clear skins

    clear skins

    25 päivää sitten

    Im so proud of him .

  • clear skins

    clear skins

    25 päivää sitten

    He is so good at everything . i literally stan a talent .

  • Kanchan Parihar

    Kanchan Parihar

    25 päivää sitten


  • jay b

    jay b

    26 päivää sitten

    bieber with the worst hands I've ever seen.

  • Corey redding

    Corey redding

    27 päivää sitten

    That bucket is so bad biebs

  • molly boca

    molly boca

    27 päivää sitten

    Peep him singing the wrong words to his own national anthem.

  • Kely Lauren

    Kely Lauren

    27 päivää sitten

    Gente do céu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ I loved

  • HOW TO DRAW suraj karki

    HOW TO DRAW suraj karki

    27 päivää sitten

    Damn talented

  • Millennia Lytle

    Millennia Lytle

    29 päivää sitten

    Canadian pride - way to go Justin

  • Charles Atwell

    Charles Atwell

    29 päivää sitten

    What he really sounds like without the auto tune!

  • 20 20

    20 20

    29 päivää sitten

    Jimmy is so adorable!!! Damn wish I can meet a guy like him 😍

  • Lizett Michel Rob.

    Lizett Michel Rob.

    29 päivää sitten

    This video makes me laugh a lot 😂😂

  • Reina L

    Reina L

    29 päivää sitten

    Am I the only one who wants to see Justin on an episode of “EW!”? Jimmy, you gotta make this happen! 😂😂

  • Soymagic


    Uukausi sitten

    He isn’t even that good at hockey

    • Avi Chanda

      Avi Chanda

      17 päivää sitten


  • Pickle Poe

    Pickle Poe

    Uukausi sitten

    Oh woah! Justin's got game...

  • j00me Jorme

    j00me Jorme

    Uukausi sitten

    That national anthem sounds like me lol

  • Enz# home

    Enz# home

    Uukausi sitten

    look at bieb with the talent on ice..atta boy..

  • Enz# home

    Enz# home

    Uukausi sitten

    your from new york ya loser. should be easy..

  • Ana Monteiro

    Ana Monteiro

    Uukausi sitten

    I am Justin and my friends are Jimmy

  • Hermin Sugianti

    Hermin Sugianti

    Uukausi sitten

    😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤i love you Justin

  • Life Of Leslie

    Life Of Leslie

    Uukausi sitten

    Justin is literally good at everything. I said what I said.

  • Claudia Esposito

    Claudia Esposito

    Uukausi sitten

    Justin is the best person in the world ❤️

  • Avitar Magnus

    Avitar Magnus

    Uukausi sitten

    Justin fucked up the ANTHEM -IN all they SONS COMMAND. TRUE CHRISTIAN CANADIANS WHO paid and DIED for the country 99% are sons WE don't sing the femtard cancer version EVERRRRRRRRRRRR Justin get it right if your a MAN

  • Tyler B

    Tyler B

    Uukausi sitten

    Justin Bieber looks like a dumber Freddie Mercury...except more gay



    Uukausi sitten

    Justin is really good at this omg. I really enjoy this kind of collaborations 👏

  • Oliver Telin

    Oliver Telin

    Uukausi sitten

    justin is not even good at hockey

  • Danielle Cadiou

    Danielle Cadiou

    Uukausi sitten

    Fallon sounds tipsy

  • Sophia _offical

    Sophia _offical

    Uukausi sitten

    I don’t know if that girl

  • justin Bieber martina gomez

    justin Bieber martina gomez

    Uukausi sitten


  • Hamilton Moffat

    Hamilton Moffat

    Uukausi sitten

    Justin Bieber fans: omg he can literally do anything.

    Danny Duncan: hold my dirtbike

  • Séverin Official

    Séverin Official

    Uukausi sitten

    Hahaha this is hilarious !

  • NO name

    NO name

    Uukausi sitten

    Люблю тебя ♡

  • NO name

    NO name

    Uukausi sitten


  • NO name

    NO name

    Uukausi sitten


  • NO name

    NO name

    Uukausi sitten


  • MaJIouDoGG


    Uukausi sitten

    Не ожидал что челик настолько хорош на коньках . бибер - мужик , зауважал )

  • agent ded

    agent ded

    Uukausi sitten

    Justin is a bender bro

  • Kayla Tremblay

    Kayla Tremblay

    Uukausi sitten

    The question is, who is the better skater, Shawn or Justin?

  • bharathi kushi

    bharathi kushi

    Uukausi sitten

    Love him...hate him...can’t ignore him

  • flyinhigh50


    Uukausi sitten

    Justin Bieber teaching hockey is like Cardi B teaching calculus.

  • jashandeep kaur

    jashandeep kaur

    Uukausi sitten

    i can’t believe justin as the same guy as i used to know him 5 yrs ago ,a lot has changed

  • Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez

    Uukausi sitten

    Lord save the Queen!

  • Paula Andrea

    Paula Andrea

    Uukausi sitten

    Jimmy couldn’t be more hilarious or I would explode literally 😂

  • Amber Rose Miller

    Amber Rose Miller

    Uukausi sitten

    btw what he said bout Justin's stache is so true 😆

  • Amber Rose Miller

    Amber Rose Miller

    Uukausi sitten

    "dang it ..I still can't score" -something Jimmy has said a lot I'm sure 😂💙

  • (6D21) Yuyang Rao

    (6D21) Yuyang Rao

    Uukausi sitten

    We need Putin to teach him.

  • Cristopher Villalobos

    Cristopher Villalobos

    Uukausi sitten

    Wasn’t Justin Bieber canceled after supporting a women beater?

  • Amy Buller

    Amy Buller

    Uukausi sitten

    Shawn mendes played hockey and he's Canadian so I mean it's just a fact

  • Kimberly


    Uukausi sitten


    • dueeh nyyu

      dueeh nyyu

      Uukausi sitten

      It's just me? Or also everyone else. I'm starting to respect JB a lil bit more. He literally became so mature. 💯

  • Joel Prange

    Joel Prange

    Uukausi sitten

    when is Bieber getting slaughtered by Binnington?

    • dueeh nyyu

      dueeh nyyu

      Uukausi sitten

      I love you Justin 💜💜💜💜♥️♥️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Samantha Simmons

    Samantha Simmons

    Uukausi sitten

    Justin look like my name earl with that mustache

  • Jack Kellerman

    Jack Kellerman

    Uukausi sitten

    Beebs should teach him how to be funny too.

  • Judy Kingston

    Judy Kingston

    Uukausi sitten

    So justin is awsome when it comes to hockey. I think he can do ANYTHING.

  • Veena Chandrasekaran

    Veena Chandrasekaran

    Uukausi sitten

    As talented, successful and popular as JB is, he is definitely a late bloomer. I mean - he looks like a 15-year-old who stuck fake facial hair on his face to look older.