Leonardo DiCaprio winning Best Actor

Julkaistu 23.03.2016
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Julianne Moore presenting Leonardo DiCaprio with the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "The Revenant" at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.
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  • daisy mason

    daisy mason

    19 minuuttia sitten

    yes Im in love 😌💞💅🏻

  • Jose Train

    Jose Train

    35 minuuttia sitten

    Tom hardy's girl looks..... smart

  • Noureddine Ettahiri

    Noureddine Ettahiri

    55 minuuttia sitten

    Intro of nominees become shit... Washington better with extract of their acting

  • Tobert Torato

    Tobert Torato

    Tunti sitten

    He deserves an Oscar for every role that hes played.

  • Gustavo Medina

    Gustavo Medina

    2 tuntia sitten

    Sorry but this oscar it was for the danish girl

  • nice name

    nice name

    3 tuntia sitten

    2:35 HMMMMMM

  • Dooglerr


    5 tuntia sitten

    What if she said "Leonardo DiCatrio" and then a cat came up and accepted the oscar.

  • JNV


    8 tuntia sitten

    either he’s rehearsed this speech before or he is just a super wellspoken guy

  • amar auzirul

    amar auzirul

    16 tuntia sitten

    The Cameraman deserves a pay raise

  • Em Ashala

    Em Ashala

    16 tuntia sitten

    Love you Leonado from Taitanic

  • SCP Chinmay

    SCP Chinmay

    17 tuntia sitten

    I just love him

  • dementedgoat


    18 tuntia sitten


  • illyy1337


    19 tuntia sitten

    He should won it 30 years ago with “Whats eating gilber grape”

  • JESTIN Tom

    JESTIN Tom

    20 tuntia sitten


  • Tatenda Takawira

    Tatenda Takawira

    20 tuntia sitten

    Wasn’t Casey there

  • User In denial

    User In denial

    21 tunti sitten


  • EverdeenM


    22 tuntia sitten

    4:08 why is Joe Biden there?



    Päivä sitten

    The cheers are sooo long... For wait to see this man with the oscar

  • Qasim 7M

    Qasim 7M

    Päivä sitten

    2:06 look at tom hardy

    GOD I love that man

  • Iftakher Lizu

    Iftakher Lizu

    Päivä sitten

    Creator of the meme-
    "Somebody give him a Oscar"
    No for Titanic
    No for Blood Diamond
    No for Inception
    No for Aviator
    But for revenant.

  • anamikaa das

    anamikaa das

    Päivä sitten


  • Aditya Raj

    Aditya Raj

    Päivä sitten

    Talking about climate change when he recieved his first oscar.What an amazing guy!

  • Rajiev Ranasinghe

    Rajiev Ranasinghe

    Päivä sitten

    And we all thought #GlobalWarming will be an issue
    till #Covid19

  • yudy elizabeth soto cabello

    yudy elizabeth soto cabello

    Päivä sitten

    Todos son ganadores....

  • Denise Malsagova

    Denise Malsagova

    Päivä sitten


  • Dinesh Jayaram

    Dinesh Jayaram

    Päivä sitten

    Eddie Redmayne shud have got it...

  • Nick Moradi

    Nick Moradi

    Päivä sitten

    "he cant act offscreen" -my girlfriend

  • Jose Gutie

    Jose Gutie

    Päivä sitten

    In my opinion he's just the best!

  • lone wolf

    lone wolf

    Päivä sitten

    He deserved the oscar for so many other movies that the oscar deserved him for some of his magnificent performances. But this oscar truly belongs to Eddie Redmayne for his incredible performance in the danish girl.

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  • Iliyas M

    Iliyas M

    Päivä sitten

    Yo just imagine if that Oscar mistake happened then , omg !

  • Christian Andresen

    Christian Andresen

    Päivä sitten

    Bruv like is this really his first oscar ?????? what the actual fuck

  • CAPON _

    CAPON _

    Päivä sitten

    2:07 look at Tom Hardy 😂damnnn

  • Swiftie Forever

    Swiftie Forever

    Päivä sitten

    I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this , but Eddie Redmayne deserved it more.........

  • Aaa A

    Aaa A

    Päivä sitten

    He won oscar of my heart with Titanic...



    Päivä sitten

    3:54 Best moment

  • conor #MMA

    conor #MMA

    Päivä sitten

    Always My fev legendary actor Leo 💕

  • Film Technique

    Film Technique

    Päivä sitten

    Let’s be honest here,
    we all clapped when Leo won!

  • The Truth

    The Truth

    Päivä sitten

    Man made global warming is a hoax. And if you don't like that fact, that's your problem.

  • Zé Scotto di Vettimo

    Zé Scotto di Vettimo

    Päivä sitten

    Dicaprio its the Oscars face but still he doesn't know

  • Best Movie Clips

    Best Movie Clips

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  • Pravin Solanki

    Pravin Solanki

    Päivä sitten

    And the finally Oscar win Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Orchestra Dance

    Orchestra Dance

    Päivä sitten

    Leonardo got what he deserved now I want matt Damon to win an Oscar

  • Md. Sifat Meftaul Jannat

    Md. Sifat Meftaul Jannat

    2 päivää sitten

    All the audience's stand up and clapping at 1:42. This shows how much he deserves the Oscar.

  • Frederic FOE

    Frederic FOE

    2 päivää sitten

    He looked like the aviator during this speech

  • black rose

    black rose

    2 päivää sitten

    2:05 that slide on the head tho. 😬

  • hülya kibaroğlu

    hülya kibaroğlu

    2 päivää sitten


  • hülya kibaroğlu

    hülya kibaroğlu

    2 päivää sitten


  • Zac D14

    Zac D14

    2 päivää sitten

    That speech deserved an oscar

  • HKMS


    2 päivää sitten

    I AM CRYING!!!!!!!!!

  • Montravius Daniel

    Montravius Daniel

    2 päivää sitten

    How come he didn’t win his 1st Oscar for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

  • William Holloway

    William Holloway

    2 päivää sitten

    How many has he won now

  • Alexandre Lonardo

    Alexandre Lonardo

    2 päivää sitten

    Should have won at least 3 oscars, don’t understand why so late...

  • Diego Pisfil

    Diego Pisfil

    2 päivää sitten

    Best Actor should have been:
    Michael B. Jordan (Creed)
    Paul Dano (Love and Mercy)
    Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)
    Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs) (WINNER)
    Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road)

    • Diego Pisfil

      Diego Pisfil

      2 päivää sitten

      @Montravius Daniel Leonardo DiCaprio won for the wrong movie because he was better in The Wolf of Wall Street

    • Diego Pisfil

      Diego Pisfil

      2 päivää sitten

      @Montravius Daniel No, the Academy really messed up by neglecting to nominate Michael B. Jordan (Creed), Paul Dano (Love and Mercy) and Tom Hardy (Mad Max Fury Road).

    • Montravius Daniel

      Montravius Daniel

      2 päivää sitten

      You’re a fucking hater! No, it shouldn’t have been. The Academy got this one right. Best Actor: Bryan Cranston (Trumbo) Matt Damon (The Martian) He should have won for Best Actor in Good Will Hunting back in 1998. I’m glad that he and Ben Affleck both won for Best Screenplays. Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) (WINNER) 👍🏽 Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs) Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl)



    2 päivää sitten

    3:37 Will Poulter be like

    Are you guys listening a speech???

  • Madhu Singh

    Madhu Singh

    2 päivää sitten

    I wish I ever get to hear such things from actors of Bollywood on their winning awards

  • Bb Oli

    Bb Oli

    2 päivää sitten

    ohh my gosh i was about to cry,watching this video

  • RoyalEXO_


    2 päivää sitten

    We shall talk about how the entire world was waiting for this moment. The internet broke when his name was announced. That was legendary.

  • Milø


    2 päivää sitten

    He needs to win again



    2 päivää sitten

    i stg he deserved an oscar for every one of his roles

  • abhishek wasave

    abhishek wasave

    2 päivää sitten

    He should have won for blood diamond , Titanic , shutter Island,wolf of the Wall Street but still it's better late than never 🙌🙌

  • Lanni Velasco-Cook

    Lanni Velasco-Cook

    2 päivää sitten

    Now that’s it. He’s fucking perfect

  • Deniz Erden

    Deniz Erden

    2 päivää sitten

    Her mouth crooked

  • Joy J

    Joy J

    3 päivää sitten

    Leo for President!

  • milkshxae


    3 päivää sitten

    We will never forget you leonard ❤

  • T1ZER


    3 päivää sitten


  • Karanveer Singh

    Karanveer Singh

    3 päivää sitten

    Leonardo goes to oscar .... There should be an award named after him ... Then actors will feel proud to get Leonardo DiCaprio award .

  • The luis

    The luis

    3 päivää sitten

    até que enfim porra

  • Fernando siqueira de castro

    Fernando siqueira de castro

    3 päivää sitten

    Ed redmayne quase igualou o feito de tom Hanks que ganhou dois Oscar de melhor ator consecutivamente.

  • Dvon Dudley

    Dvon Dudley

    3 päivää sitten

    This award wasnt for his performance in the revenant. This was for all his performances combined for which he never got oscars for before

  • Clyde Rodrigues

    Clyde Rodrigues

    3 päivää sitten

    It sometimes feels he needs an Oscar for ever role

  • Rohan Kelshikar

    Rohan Kelshikar

    3 päivää sitten

    I m sure once morbius is released, it will win the Oscar for either best soundtrack or the best acting. Or atleast it would deserve to win an Oscar

  • Russel Dolinskiy

    Russel Dolinskiy

    3 päivää sitten

    Сделайте хотя бы субтитры на русском,у Вас и подписчиков и комментариев добавятся.

  • Alondra Ecuador

    Alondra Ecuador

    3 päivää sitten

    Hola desde Ecuador, donde Leonardo hizo un buen trabajo. Les invito amigoa en todo el mundoa visitar mi canal ( Alondra eco de los andes ) para que Ecuador no pierda su cultura e identidad musical. Un abrazo.

  • bigheadlee1


    3 päivää sitten

    I wonder if that was Copenhagen or that sissy shit skoal, he was dipping on😂

  • BNOZ99 !

    BNOZ99 !

    3 päivää sitten

    He won for his worst movie

    • Eli


      3 päivää sitten

      Revenant was bad?

  • Jessica Landaverde

    Jessica Landaverde

    3 päivää sitten


  • Madhav Daga

    Madhav Daga

    3 päivää sitten

    He deserves an Oscar for every movie he has done.

  • Aswath Reacher

    Aswath Reacher

    4 päivää sitten

    Look at the smile on everyone's face!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭

  • Shantanu Mistry

    Shantanu Mistry

    4 päivää sitten

    Leo is himself an example of one of the greatest actors in the world, he don't have to win awards to prove himself or to us.